Fourth Annual Ratha Yatra in Clearwater Beach

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The fourth Annual Festival of the Chariots & Ratha Yatra Parade, will take placeon the beach at the Pier 60 Pavilion (1 Causeway Blvd) on Clearwater Beach from 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM.  Click here for map. The Ratha Yatra parade, also know as the Festival of the Chariots, will begin at Pier 60 at 1pm.  There will be activities and entertainment for every member of the family including a free feast for all who attend. Mayor George Cretekos will be attending this festival.

This festival is getting bigger each year. Last year 1,000+ plates of prasadam were served. Lord Jaggannatha’s select few servants were serving prasadam until 10 PM.

Additional Information:

The Ratha Yatra parade will be choreographed. This will provide a more beautiful presentation that is also greatly appreciated by the Clearwater Visitor’s Bureau. We are asking all devotees to please arrive in their nicest devotional clothes, for mrdanga players to bring their own drums and wear a turban, and for children to come dressed sweetly as cowherd boys and girls. This year, for the pleasure of our participants, we will also be providing a decorated vehicle for young children and their families to ride together in at the back of the parade. After Rath yatra and cultural program, you can join swimming with other devotees.